Client Area

Take advantage of password protected projects and create client area where you will share you projects with particular clients

To unlock protected posts use those passwords:

  • Debra Peterson – demo1
  • Pamela Lewis – demo2

How does this work?

The portfolio has a built-in option to filter password protected projects. This way you can easily create client area where you can store all protected projects and, at the same time, you can exclude them from standard portfolio page. You can use here the same type of layout like in normal portfolio. Of course, you can also use filters and sorters if you wish.

Create a Portfolio Project

The first step is to create standard portfolio project. Add your images, featured image and content if needed.

Add Your Password

You can set project password under project visibility settings. After setting a password the project will be protected.

Share the Password with Your Client

You can now send the password to your client. That way he will be the only one that can see the project.